At the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, you’ll find something quite rare: A fun-filled, interactive experience where you and your entire family will become part of one of the most important stories of our nation's history– the sewing of the flag that inspired our National Anthem.

Here, you’ll step into living history as you meet Mary Pickersgill, the spirited woman who made the flag. You'll learn first-hand from Mary, her family and friends what life was like in the 19th century and your kids can take part in activities that let them experience it for themselves. And you can do it all in a half day, with little strain on your entertainment budget.

Welcome to 1812 – where change is in the air and America is ready.

Charles Ball:  A Living History Presentation with Vincent Leggett
October 4, 2014

Join Vincent Leggett as he brings alive the story of Charles Ball who took part in the defense of Fort McHenry and the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812.  Ball, an escaped slave from Calvert County was part of Commodore Joshua Barney’s Chesapeake Flotilla; his story provides an in-depth look into the lives of African Americans in the Chesapeake.

Cost:  This is a free fall event. Please register by emailing or call 443-263-1816.

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