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Powder Horn

Originally made as a device used to carry gunpowder and worn by revolutionary and federal soldiers, this reproduction is almost like the real thing. Made from genuine horn and leather, all that’s missing is the powder! 



Clothespin Babies

Handmade exclusively for the Flag House by seamstress Erna Vary, these adorable dolls are traditionally crafted from wooden clothespins, painted and swaddled with cloth. Enjoy them just as Federal period children did 200 years ago. 


The Flag Maker

Inspiring and hopeful, this is the story of the early days of the flag as seen through the eyes of thirteen year old Caroline Pickersgill, The youngest member of the family. Beautifully illustrated and written by Sibert Award winner Susan Campell Bartoletti, The Flag Maker is a wonderful way to understand the colorful history of the Flag House!


Reproduction Historic Coins

Detailed, historically accurate, and made from real metals, learn how money took shape before the penny, nickel and dime. 


Home Decor

Christmas Ball

Christmas BallEnlarged view of Christmas Ball

This beautiful glass Christmas ball will grace your tree with style.  White with The Star Spangled Banner Flag House logo, it’s a sure standout.  Flag House exclusive.


Crab Mallet

Crack open crabs like a true Marylander with our signature crab mallet, wooden with the Flag House insignia emblazoned on the side.


Tin Candle

Illuminate your home with our elegant tin candle. An illustration of the flag house is printed on the lid, a beautiful and functional keepsake. 



This all porcelain thimble would be at home in your sewing box or on display for all to admire.


1812 Commerative Tea Blend

A fitting tribute to the war of 1812, this tea is a visual and culinary masterpiece, incorporating the colors of the Maryland and National Flag. Brews to a slightly sweet and smoky flavor. 


Williamsburg Pottery

An amazing steal, our lovingly handcrafted and painted collection of pottery from Colonial Williamsburg is now half off! Buy a gorgeously finished bowl, mug, candle holder or pitcher while they still are available! 

$Sugar Bowl: $3.00 Coffee Mug:$ 4.50 Candle Holder: $5.00 Pitcher : $7.50

Brewing in Baltimore

In honor of All Hopped Up, The Flag Houses’ brewing celebration, and packed with images from the Baltimore Musuem of Industry, natives and visitors alike will reacquaint themselves with Baltimore’s malted roots, legendary brewers, and those that continue the tradition today. 



Star-Spangled Banner

Star-Spangled BannerEnlarged view of Star-Spangled Banner

Based on the 15 stars and 15 stripes design of the original Star-Spangled Banner that was made by Mary Pickersgill and inspired our national anthem, this unique flag can be yours to enjoy!  Available in weather-resistant nylon.  3’X5’.  By Annin & Co. 


Maryland Flag

Maryland FlagEnlarged view of Maryland Flag

Originally a jousting flag, the colorful Maryland flag is bright and cheerful proof of your state pride!  Available in weather-resistant nylon.  3’X5’.  By Annin & Co.