Brianna Billups – Pickersgill Award 2020

Brianna Billups is an entrepreneur with a passion for bridging the gap between her community and the food they eat. She is a hospitality and culinary arts degree graduate of Anne Arundel Community College and received a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Baltimore. Brianna’s love for food began at an early age when she committed herself to a career as a chef. While attending college, Brianna learned the meaning of a “food desert,” realizing then that she had lived in one her entire life. The impact of learning about food deserts was the catalyst for the founding of her first business, Fully Grown LLC. Fully Grown is dedicated to teaching inner-city students about healthy eating habits and urban agriculture practices in partnership with a local nonprofit, It Takes a Village Inc.
Fully Grown also provides fruit snacks and meal prep services using all-natural ingredients and 100% compostable packaging. Brianna is a former member of the University of Baltimore’s Entrepreneur Fellow Program and was the winner of the first Better Business Bureau Spark Award. Since the launch of Fully Grown, Brianna pitched and won a total of $10,000 in grant money for Fully Grown’s efforts. In 2020, Fully Grown will become a youth works site for students interested in culinary arts.